Taylorcraft L2M

Taylorcraft L-2M “Grasshopper”
This aircraft was in a group of aircraft nicknamed “Grasshopper” because pilots could “hop” in and out of small grass flying strips and roads. It carried a pilot and spotter who communicated via radio to artillery batteries, miles behind front lines, and told them how to adjust their big guns for greater accuracy when striking enemy troops. The L-2 did not serve overseas but remained in the US as a trainer including a variant with the engine removed and used a s a glider trainer.
Civil Registration: N499M
Ex-military serial   43-326564
Manufacturer’s serial L5261
Wingspan: 35 feet 5 inches
Length:   22 feet 9 inches
Height: 8 feet
Engine: Continental 0-170-3   65 hp  (now 85 HP)

top: 88 mph
cruise: 75 mph
landing: 53 mph
G limits:   + 4  – 2
cruise:       4,400 feet
maximum:   10,500 feet
Fuel capacity: 14 gallons
Fuel consumption: 4 gph
Armament: none
Number built: 900 L-2M

total L-2 production: 1,916