Extra 300L

The Extra Flugzeugbau EA300 is a two-seat aerobatic monoplane capable of Unlimited category competition. It was designed in 1987 by Walter Extra, an award-winning German aerobatic pilot and built by Extra Flugzeugbau

Design of the Extra 300 was based on the Extra 230, an early 1980s monoplane having a wing made of wood. The Extra 300 has a welded steel tube fuselage covered in aluminium and fabric. The mid-set wing has a carbon fiber composite spar and carbon composite skins. A symmetrical airfoil, mounted with a zero angle of incidence, provides equal performance in both upright and inverted flight. The landing gear is fixed taildragger style with composite main legs and fiberglass wheel pants. The powerplant is a fuel-injected Lycoming AEIO-540 which produces 300 horsepower.

The first two-seat Extra 300 made its maiden flight on 6 May 1988, with German type certification following on 16 May 1990.

The Extra 300 is stressed for ±10 G with one person on board and ±8 G with two. Some Extra 300s are certificated in the Experimental Category in the U.S., while others are certificated in the Aerobatic category.

The pilot must fly from the rear seat, even when solo. The rear cockpit includes a full instrument panel; engine, propeller, and flight controls; and switches for the radios, lights, and other systems.

Extra 300L Specifications

Engine 6-cylinder, 300 hp Lycoming AEIO-540 L1B5 with inverted fuel and oil systems
Propeller Three-blade wood/composite, constant-speed MTV 9-B-C/C 200-15
Seats 2
Maximum Gross Weight 2,095 lbs (952 kg)
Standard Empty Weight 1,470 lbs (668 kg)
Never-Exceed Speed (Vne) 220 kts
Maneuvering Speed (Va) 158 kts
Maximum Rate of Climb 3,200 fpm
Stall Speed 55 kts
Range 414 nm
FAA Certified Load Factor ±10 Gs
Length 22 ft 10 in
Height 8 ft 7 in
Wing Span 26 ft 3 in

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