Ryan PT-22 Recruit

This aircraft was used to train pilots during World War Two. The recruit was tricky to land, but was well liked by all who flew it.

Ryan PT-22 Recruit

Civil registration: N522M
Manufacturer’s serial: 41-20796
Wingspan: 30 feet 1 inch
Length: 22 feet 7½ inches
Height: 7 feet 2 inches
Engine: Kinner R-540 5-cylinder radial   160 hp
top: 128 mph
cruise: 116 mph
landing: 62 mph
G limits:   + 7     – 3
cruise: 3000 as flown today
maximum: 16,600 feet
Fuel capacity: 24 gallons
Fuel consumption: 9.3 gph
Range: 352 miles
empty: 1,313 lbs
gross: 1,860 lbs
Armament: none
Number built: 1,023

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