1929 Kreutzer Air Coach

1929 Kreutzer K-5 Tri-Motored “Air Coach”

Kreutzer tri-motor NC-612 (now N-612A) is one of America’s first tri-motors and the very first “light” multi-engine aircraft built in this country. Actually, constructed in 1928, this airplane was a test bed for the tri-motor line at Kreutzer Aircraft. It was first equipped with three 55 hp engines, then progressively converted to the company’s three certificated models, the K-2, K-3, and finally the K-5. NC-612 has been restored as it was last configured, with three Kinner K-5’s of 100 HP each. Designed to carry six, it cruises at 110mph.

In addition to being Kreutzer’s first aircraft, NC-612 worked as a factory demonstrator, an airliner, and finally served in Mexico as a light transport for a gold mining company. The Navaho Airways livery you see it in now is exactly as it appeared while serving with that airline when based in Winslow Arizona 1931-1933. Using factory drawings, NC-612 was faithfully restored as a beautiful flying example from the Golden Age of American aviation.

Engine:                  3-100 HP Kinner K5’s

Weight:                  2,745 pounds empty; 4,333 pounds Gross

Cruise speed:     110 mph

Service ceiling:   17,000 ft 

Max Speed:           130 mph

Wingspan:           48 ft 10 in

Range:                    520 miles

Number Built:        15

Price new:               $18,500

This is the only Kreutzer Air Coach left in existence

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