T-34A Mentor

Beech T-34A Mentor
Used by many air forces all over the world to train pilots, the Mentor was fully aerobatic and easy to fly. This aircraft was  restored  in 1995 and has won Best T-34 at Oshkosh
Current registration: N634M
Maufacturer’s serial: G671
Ex-military serial: 56-671
Wingspan: 32 feet 10 inches
Length: 25 feet 10 inches
Height:   9 feet 7 inches
Engine: Continental I0-550   six cylinders 300 hp
top: 190 kts
cruise: 175 kts
landing: 90 kts
G limits:   + 7   – 3
Ceiling cruise: 8,000 feet (as flown today)
maximum:   20,000 feet
Range: 975 miles
Fuel capacity: 50 gallons
Fuel consumption: 16 gph
empty: 2,055 lbs   gross: 2,900 lbs
Armament: none

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